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Marketing And Sales Trends For 2020

In addition, the introduction of new technologies is transforming the work in the marketing departments, opening them some possibilities difficult to predict over time. All this drags us to give a strategic dimension of our activity, which acquires a greater influence on the decisions of senior management. In this regard, Kotler recently declared that at this time, there were two types of managers: the fast and the dead. Marketing has a bright and promising future, and it is up to professionals to know how to value it.

Trends in Marketing, Digital, and Sales

Next, we indicate from our experience as Strategic Marketing Consultants, the best marketing and sales trends, from an exciting and eminently practical vision.

Marketing Audit

The marketing has nothing to do with art and improv divining, but, on the contrary, is the result of logic, the method, and effort. It is not intended to determine the future, but to provide work tools to manage it. It does not eliminate uncertainties, but it helps to reduce and coexist with them, positioning the company in a highly competitive situation.

The changes that new technologies are implementing in the economy, the company and the market, in general, should be analyzed, since, when customers change, companies have to adapt quickly to the new environment to survive.

For this reason, the different managers of the company have seen in the marketing audit or marketing audit an invaluable work tool that allows them to analyze and evaluate the programs and actions implemented, as well as their adaptation to the environment and the situation of the moment.

Databases And CRM

In 2018, it was the year of the entry into force of the new GDPR, which is considered to enhance innovation and the development of data marketing, although, at the first stage, it was thought that the GDPR would slow down the dynamics of the sector. It is essential, therefore, that companies and managers know how to understand that intelligent data management will be decisive for their success.

It is fully accepted by the market that efficient database management is a strategic issue if you want to be competitive in a globalized and digital world; Therefore, it is essential that companies remain updated and know the implications of each part of the process, ranging from data capture to storage and processing, which represents one of the main challenges of the sector, having to find and retain the possible talent in this area of ​​activity.

Despite all the above, it is an issue that we consider to remain one of the pending subjects of the companies since its operation is still poor. However, the processes must be oriented to maintain a permanent update of the client with the clear objective of improving the service and adapting it to the problems of the 21st century.

Big Data

Big data is the integrated management of all information inputs received by the company with the goal of turning data into information that provides benefits to the company. It is the need to link unstructured and difficult to manage data, finding patterns that allow them to be made relational and manipulable to serve as an aid to the achievement of business objectives.

With the strong growth of the power of computers and the explosion of the internet, all the data that we regularly leave in our day to day can be stored, crossed, and understood between them, which creates important and useful information for companies.

The challenge is not to lose control over the information. The entry into force of the GDPR serves to avoid this reluctance. The basic principle is that organizations apply technical and organizational measures that guarantee that the processing of data is appropriate, and thus they will be able to maximize this technology and marketing trend.


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