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How To Turn Social Networks Into A Goldmine For Your Business

Social networks are a headache. It is a place to be, but few know how to take advantage of their presence in environments such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Google+. Here we tell you some simple steps to follow to achieve benefits and increase revenue thanks to social websites.

It may be better to keep quiet in the face of certain negative information that may be published in the press or television. Entrepreneurs consider that in this way, no popularity is given to an issue that is harmful to the brand. But in the case of social networks, that strategy only leads to failure. Here you must react to criticism of our products and services. It is not necessary to do it from an offensive point of view but with the truth and the reasons ahead. And if, in the end, it is verified that the Internet user was right, he leaves no other than to apologize. Whatever it takes less to remain mute in the face of negative comments.

The growing influence of Twitter and its blissful 140 characters causes companies to post messages on their social networks that look like teletypes. This way of being present in social networks is not the most appropriate if we want to take advantage of our digital work. It is best to use these platforms to promote our products, tell their advantages, and encourage debate. Although he is the king of syntax, all that cannot be achieved in a couple of sentences. The solution is to exploit the rest of social networks, such as Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin, without forgetting the images. And as for Twitter, it is a mandatory rule for companies to attach links that expand the information that we have only been able to announce in the tweet.

There is nothing riskier than not risking the internet, and social networks are an environment where only the brave triumph. If you just put messages that do not wake up, the controversy will pass without grief or glory among Internet users. Maybe so avoid problems and criticism, but certainly, nobody will know who you are or what you sell. To avoid going unnoticed, it is necessary that people read what is written and look forward to the next message. Nor is it a matter of going crazy and get to criticize the politician on duty or the Samoset that goes on television lately, use your head. If you sell tomatoes, then explain why yours are good. And if you have to say that those of the competition is worse then do not walk through the branches and do it.

There is not only one social network. Many companies, especially small ones, limit their presence on social sites to a maximum of one or two. Many are on Twitter and update but forget their Facebook profiles. That is an error. Every social network is a world, and they all have some way of taking advantage of them. That is why you must make an effort, have a team of people full-time in charge of this task and embark on the conquest of as many of them as possible. A good statistic would be to be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin. And, also on Instagram and Pinterest in the field of social image networks. And be attentive. If your target usually uses Tuenti, it is already taking time to launch the offensive.

Currently, the social network from which a company can get more profit is called Facebook. It is where there are more Internet users, and the one that offers the most options. The site has useful tools such as promoting a publication to achieve greater reach. The problem is that it is paid. If you do not intend to invest an extra euro in this field, it is advisable to take advantage of the free tools we have. There are two very simple and beneficial for business. On the one hand, there are groups that are ideal for segmenting their clients and launching specific messages and promotions for them. On the other, the buy button. Do not be shy, and if you present a product or service in these environments, try to get money directly with this tool.

The best and most profitable brands are those that are not seen as the image of a company but as a name that arouses positive feelings in consumers. In Christian: they are teachings that love those who pay. Reaching the heart of the client is extremely beneficial to increase revenue. One of these brands will never be seen as something negative. Your mistakes will be forgiven more easily than the rest. Therefore, its duty is to try to engage Internet users in social networks. Use all the weapons at your fingertips and throw the necessary arrows to hit the target. And if it is necessary to get away from the real business motive of the company to satisfy the customer, do it. The prize will be much greater than the risk you must take.


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