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Choosing your Social Media Coach to Maximize Investments

Okay basically, what’s it like, a social media coach?

  • He offers personalized support to you and your team (if you have one) to help you better understand your platforms and how to use them for your business.
  • He develops a social media strategy for (and with) you, while explaining what gestures for what outcome and purpose.
  • He works with you to help you make better use of your time and the tools that need to be chosen so that your social networking management doesn’t take you 1000 years to do for little/no results.
  • He shows you how to analyze your statistics and better understand them.
  • He talks to you at length about his dogs and gives you access to exclusive photo shoots of them sleeping and snoring endlessly. (ok no, that’s just me that’s interested?)

The big reason for a social media coach is first and foremost to make you understand the job of a community manager so that then you are able to do everything yourself with your own resources and content ideas. This is already what I tried to do as much as possible with my clients in the past, and now I’m really happy to post it as an official service here!

So if you’re looking for a social media coach, the points to keep in mind are for maximum return on investment:

1: Your social media coach should be comfortable with the “why” behind each platform

I’m not telling you to hire someone who is fully on ALL channels and who does that with his days, I tell you instead to find a coach who will accompany you in choosing the best platforms for you. Since you don’t need to be everywhere, you need to work with someone who understands that, and who will point you to the best places for the content you want and can create, and the content that will highlight the aspects of your business that you want to make known.

2: Your coach should be a good extension worker

Because if you hire him, it’s to wrestle the deal. This is not to make you talk in an incomprehensible lexicon that will ask you for a crash race before, during and after. Find a coach who understands your reality, who knows exactly how to explain the different points in your words or better, who manages to get you concrete examples that will allow you to apply his teachings directly to your networks from the second you receive them.

3: Your coach should understand your goals

And not just blow them in your ear. It should understand the reality of your business, your limitations, and mold its strategy to your various points of importance. It’s not to downgrade the service on the contrary, but rather to be realistic and not to make you fly in clouds and a world of glitter unicorns. Whether it’s a limited budget, a maximum number of hours to invest in your social networks per week, a content restriction —no matter what blockages you work with, your coach should take them into account and allow you to use them to your advantage. Rather than seeing them as speed bumps; he/she sees them as levers.

4: Your coach should not care about likes

He/she is not there for the empty numbers, he/she is not there to encourage you to go and look for mass of baseless likes below. Your coach needs to understand the importance of a committed community, even if it has only 30 subscribers. Here, we work on loyalty, we work on the social side of social networks and not the vain side that always ends up in a war of superficial statistics that will bring nothing to your sales and your return on investment. If you focus on the numbers that matter (i.e. your engagement rate), you’ll know right away that your coach (and yourself!) is there for the right reasons.

Can you see a little more clearly about what will help you make an informed and positive choice for your professional social networks? Don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments what convinced you to hire your current social networking coach!


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